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I am constantly getting emails and seeing memes on Facebook, standing for the proposition that the police and the government have “no racial animus” in the murder of young Black men like Michael Brown, jr. “It’s not Black and White: It’s the Police Against the People.” Yeah, well, what people? Before there was today’s militarization of the police, [and concerns by white America], there was a long-term police occupation of the Black community in urban areas, and later came the war on drugs 30 + years ago, that was really a war on *US in Black/POC neighborhoods, and that is why we see police militarization now, along with them adopting the increasing paramilitary style to combat the Black Panther Party in the 1960’s-70’s. Most people may not know where it comes from, but trust me, we sure as hell know.

We Black people have been suffering from the police state crimes of this government from its inception. We have always been over-policed, violently repressed, and subject to summary execution in the name of law and order. We looked at the assassination of Dr. King and the destruction of the Black Panther Party in the 1960’s-70’s due to a climate of police state terror. They only call any of this fascism now when it happens to white people as well. This policing system was created by Southern Plantation owners as slave patrols hunting down Black slaves hundreds of years ago who escaped from plantations and handling the overseer duties against the slaves on the plantations themselves, and all this is based on continued oppression down to this day. We have suffered more than anyone from this police state, which puts the lie to an American democracy. Both Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass spoke about this over 150 years ago, and most of white America did not want to hear it then, it took a bloody civil war, and even that did not end racism completely.

It is great that Libertarians and others on the right have organized to also raise this issue today, as well as Left-Liberals, but do not “fake the funk” that somehow in essence it is all something “new” or has just recently changed. It’s just that white America has recently noticed that even some white people are being beaten and even killed as well now, and this police state might be a threat to them somehow. But this has never just been about you, so don’t pretend you have been “fighting this all along”, and you have no right to try to get us to change our generations-long struggle to now claim that “we are all suffering” [so you Blacks should see things as we say it]. No, not yet, not now, not ever!

Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin (via america-wakiewakie)


When I show these photos to people nowadays they don’t believe me when I tell them where they were taken, and if you are familiar with Lebanese politics you will be surprised as well.

These are photos from the Northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, on May 25th of 2000. Militants and residents of South Lebanon drove captured Israeli military vehicles in a parade that extended along the coast from the border with Occupied Palestine to the border with Syria in the north. They were met with jubilant Lebanese citizens who pelted them with flowers and rice all along the way. 

This is inconceivable today, which is why no one believes me till I show them the source, but things were different back then. It seems like so long ago now, a different age. 

Birthday of Amilcar Cabral; Guinea-Bissau; September 12; Hero of Portuguese colonial West Africa. Sept. 12 is an official public holiday in Guinea-Bissau, and a former official public holiday in Cape Verde; in both countries Cabral is regarded as a founding father. He was assassinated in Conakry, Guinea, probably by agents of the Portuguese.

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